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Atlantic Webworks Develops Web-based Auction Management Software


Atlantic Webworks developed a robust, feature-rich software solution for the management of Auctions, which greatly streamlines both the pre-event logistics as well as day-of and post-event operations. From the cataloguing of solicited items, to managing event sponsorships, letter-writing and online ticket purchases, to comprehensive reporting, and a day-of-event checkout process that integrates with a card-swipe credit card processing solution, the new Auction package, BidWorks, is an end-to-end solution for non-profit Auction fundraisers.

The software package was developed as a result of Atlantic Webworks' close relationship with the Mental Health Association in Greensboro, a non-profit organization whose Board Adrienne Cregar Jandler, president of Atlantic Webworks, is on. Adrienne served as the Auction committee chairperson for the 2008 Auction, and discovered the need for automating the labor-intensive tasks involved in preparing for and running an auction. In addition, the check-out process on the day of the Auction is one that is often bottlenecked, since attendees typically all check out at the same time. BidWorks simplifies the process and enables instant invoicing for all attendees.

BidWorks integrates with the Mental Health Association in Greensboro's website, to enable pre-event promotion, sneak peeks at items that will be available for bidding, and event ticket purchases. It features an easy-to-use administrative console which enables the organization's staff to manage the process.

Atlantic Webworks will be making BidWorks available to other non-profit organizations in January 2009.