It’s Valentine’s Day, so what better day to talk about  the business apps that we love than today?

For business people on the go, smartphones and tablets are a must have, but they would be nothing without the apps we rely on. From storage, travel, security, and everything in between, these apps we loveclever apps will keep you organized and ready to work, no matter where the road takes you.

Dropbox – Cloud storage is a must with most of us using more than one device for work. There are a few popular options including iCloud, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and of course Dropbox. Dropbox is hard to beat when it comes to sharing files and folders on the web. Even if the recipient doesn’t use the app, he can easily see the file with just a URL. This app will cut down on traffic to your inbox, and you’ll never worry about forgetting your flash drive again.

Tripit – If your business involves travel in any way, Tripit is a lifesaver. Instead of sorting through countless papers and emails for airline tickets, rental cars, and hotels, TripIt scans your inbox daily, automatically creating an itinerary that can be forwarded to anyone you would like on any forum. It also links with the calendar of your choice (iCal, Google, Outlook). You can check in for flights and book any activity or travel arrangement with the app. When traveling in teams, it is the best way to keep everyone in the know.

Expensify – Another app that is good for the traveling businessperson is Expensify.  It is the easiest way to keep track of reimbursements and company expenses. Receipts from meals or gas can be photographed from a mobile device, added to a detailed expense report, and forwarded to the appropriate contact person.

LastPass – LastPass is a free password manager that takes away the stress of remembering countless login/passwords combinations. The virtual vault holds all your confidential credentials behind the security of one master password. It is perfect if you frequently move between devices and operating systems or your memory is lacking. No more Post-its!

CardMunch – There are several business card scanning options, but CardMunch’s connection to LinkedIn is unique. You simply take a picture of the card, and data is inputted into your phone, letting you choose whether or not you want it in your regular contacts. It also finds the person on LinkedIn, showing shared connections and highlights from their profile, letting you choose to connect or not.

Evernote – Evernote is the top cloud service to capture and organize almost anything for your business or personal needs. Some prefer Spring Pad or Catch, but the third party apps Evernote integrates makes it different. The “Trunk,” as Evernote calls it, is home to tons of features allowing you to sign documents, fax, scan, draw, bookmark, voice/video record, and much more.

Have you used any of these apps to keep your business running smoothly from the office or on the move? Most are free with affordable upgrades, so try one or try them all!