All treats and no tricks around here!

We love sweets around this office, so the fact that tomorrow is Halloween makes concentrating difficult, and the sugar rush makes it hard to sit still. As I sit here thinking (or try to sit… remember—sugar rush) about the top-selling candy during Halloween, I thought it would be fun to pair each with its appropriate social media site! See if you agree with my pairings:


Facebook to snickers


They say that if you have to eat a candy bar, then eating a Snickers is the way to go. I guess adding the peanuts into it makes it healthier? Facebook is the Snickers of the social media world. If you could only choose one, this would be the one that most would choose, and it’s chock full of nuts, too!


YouTube is pop rocks


Who doesn’t love Pop Rocks? I mean seriously… . I’ve never seen an adult or a child who could resist the sizzle that comes with a package of Pop Rocks. Same with YouTube. Every time you tune in, it’s like an explosion of epic proportions that keeps you coming back for more.


twitter and three musketeers


All for one and one for all. That’s the beauty of Twitter. It’s a village in and of  itself where you cultivate relationships and tribes and pretty much stick together. It’s light, airy, and just the perfect amount of flavor.
pinterest and skittles
 Oh boy… talk about a rainbow of fun! Pinterest is the rainbow AND unicorn of the social media world. You’ve got every color and every flavor right there at your fingertips… and who can stop at just one pin or Skittle?


 google and butterfinger
You know what I love about Butterfinger? It has the same qualities as a lot of other candy bars, but there’s just something unique about it. It’s not something that I would eat every day nor would it be my first choice, but when I have one—I love it. Same with Google+. Unique yet familiar.


While Quora definitely has its value, there’s also a lot of bubble gum content and a whole lot of blowholes and “gurus.”


smarties and linkedin
Would you expect any other candy to be compared to LinkedIn? There are a lot of smart people doing great things in LinkedIn, and Smarties are the only candy that are 99.9% allergy-free, so both are perfect for everyone!


instagram and reeses

“You’ve got your chocolate in my peanut butter! You’ve got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” Who doesn’t remember that classic TV ad of the pairing of two perfect things? That’s Instagram—pairing photos with social media in a way that is distinctive and full of flavor.


Klout is full of  a variety of people doing similar things. Some of them offer it up in fun-size portions, others in whopping 2-pound sacks. Just like M&M’s is the “go-to” candy when you want just a little bit of chocolate, Klout is the “go-to” resource for ranking influence in the world of social media.


now and laters and myspace


Ah… Myspace. The site that just sticks around and never fully goes away… just like the candy that’s been pulling fillings out for decades. Since the relaunch of Myspace a couple of weeks ago, I guess we’re into the “Now” piece and it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to get to the “Later.”


So there you have it! How did I do? What other sites and candies would you have paired together?


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